28 november 2013 - Groningen - Symposium

25th Anniversary Symposium - The Canadian Arctic
Centrum voor Canadese Studies + Arctisch Centrum
9.15 u t/m 12.00 u. Van Swinderenhuis: Glazen Zaal open: 9.00 u.
Oude Boteringestraat 19 - 9712 GC Groningen.
Aanmelding voor dit symposium is niet nodig. poolsymposium.nl

Jeanette den Toonder, Director Centre for Canadian Studies: Welcome.
Peter Jordan, director: Introduction to the Arctic Centre University of Groniningen;Maarten Loonen, University of Groningen (Arctic Centre): “Biological Studies on the Hudson Bay Lowlands near Churchill Manitoba";
David Sproule, Canada’s Ambassador to Norway: “How Canada and the Arctic Council are Supporting Arctic Research”;
Gerlis Fugmann, Director Association for Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS): "Regional Dynamics and Bottom-Up Economic Development in Nunavik and Nunatsiavut".

Gordon Robertson, former deputy Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources and Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, 1953-1963:
"While the claim of Norway ... was settled in an agreement in 1930 recognizing Canadian sovereignty over the Sverdrup Islands, the Norwegian government specified that its recognition in no way implied approval of the so-called sector principle".
Uit: Ship of Wood and Men of Iron. Gerard Kenney, blz. xiv. 
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